【MARINA’s Choice】Introduction of Specialties of Kumamoto!

にほんブログ村 地域生活(街) 九州ブログ 熊本県情報へ

Hello~ everybody!I’m a dance and singing performer MARINA from Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto🎤  It’s been a week since the last blog post. Time flies… It looks rainy days continue in Tokyo☔️ I’m already scared of hot weather after rainy season. LOL. So today, I’d like to introduce my favorite local specialties of Kumamoto !

Kumamoto has its rich nature ! Therefore, Kumamoto foods are, of course, DELICIOUS ! I’ve been in Kanto Region for a decade but I often want to eat Kumamoto foods😋  I can’t forget foods in Kyushu Region because its taste is so rich❤️  Let me introduce MARINA’s recommendations!

First, Kumamoto’s representative specialty !

BASASHI (Horse Meat Sashimi)

※These pics are provided by MARINA’s friend in Kumamoto.

You may not know but… Kumamoto is famous for BASASHI (Horse Meat Sashimi) ! Kumamoto’s basashi is number 1 in Japan. It’s King of Basashi🐴❤️  You can dip it in Kyushu’s sweet soy source with graded garlic or ginger. It must be sooooo delicious😋 !!! Since horses are grown up in Kumamoto’s great nature, the meat is really yummy ! You can see its great taste even in these photos. But if you actually taste it, you will know it doesn’t have any bad smell and it’s really tasty. You can also see beautiful marbling. I really want you to eat basashi !

Next one is also famous specialty of Kumamoto!


※This photo is provided by MARINA’s friend in Kumamoto.

This may surprise you, right? Orange🍊? But the colour looks like a grapefruit… No way ! It’s too big, isn’t it!!! You might think it can’t be! As you can see in this photo, this fruit is bigger than not only your hand but even your face. This is called “BANPEIYU“. It’s actually the specialty of MARINA’s home town Yatsushiro City! Everybody is surprised when they see it first time😲. I haven’t care about its size because I’ve seen it since I was child, though. The taste? It’s similar to grapefruit but less sweet. The pulp is not so big but the skin. So usually, people in Kumamoto peel the skin😋 But, However ! You can eat the skin as well !  The skin is preserved in syrup, and you can dust it with sugar❤️ Banpeiyu is used in many different way, like put them into bath tab and enjoy its aroma, or display it in your house to celebrate something, etc!  Are you interested?😉 Please try.

How do you think about my recommendations? There is a lot more I would like to tell you but I should stop now. I want to introduce more but it will be in another time. Thank you for reading MARINA’s blog again!

See you in next article💓 Love ya〜💕 by MARINA!

にほんブログ村 地域生活(街) 九州ブログ 熊本県情報へ

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