The secret specialty in Kumamoto!? Watermelon!

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Hello everyone, this is MARINA, a singer from Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture!
Let’s go~☆

Before I get to the main topic, I would first like to take this opportunity to apologize for the horrible typos in my last blog (in Japanese edition). I’m terribly sorry(>_<). I’m a pretty careless person and I’m already an expert when it comes to typos! (This is just an excuse.)😁

I didn’t even know how to use a computer at all, and I’ve been using it a lot since I started my solo career, and I’ve only recently gotten used to it, but here I am… However, thanks to the kindness of everyone who reads my blog, I’m writing this blog today with no complaints. I love you all❤️!

I’ll do my best to reduce the number of typos I make, so please keep going easy on me☺️

So let’s get down to the main topic !
You are interested in the title, aren’t you?

Yes! Today, I’d like to talk to you about the specialties of Kumamoto, which you may not know about…

The rainy season is finally over across the country and summer is finally here!!!!
Summer heat has arrived.💦

There’s a fruit you’ll want to eat in summer. Yes, that is watermelon!


For some reason, I want to eat it in the summer.
That watermelon is the hidden specialty of Kumamoto!

I’m surprised at how many people don’t know about it.
When I came to Tokyo and was asked about Kumamoto’s specialties, there were many people who knew about horse sashimi, but no one had ever mentioned the word “watermelon” to me.

I also didn’t know about it until I was in high school.
My parents used to sing a song about ‘the famous watermelon region 🎵’ and I wondered what that was, but when they told me that it was Kumamoto!, I still remember how surprised I was.

You may start wondering where in Kumamoto? Actually, Ueki Town in Kumamoto is the number one watermelon producing area in Japan!

The annual shipment of watermelons from Ueki Town exceeds 50,000 tons, accounting for nearly 20% of the total shipment in Japan. And watermelon cultivation professionals from all over the country come together!🍉

It is said that watermelons have been cultivated in Kumamoto Prefecture since the Warring States period, and while there are many excellent watermelons in the prefecture, the watermelons of Ueki are a particularly famous brand☆

The watermelons from Kumamoto are blessed by the strong sunshine of the southern island of Kyushu, and they absorb more light and heat in their greenhouses, making them big, sweet and delicious!

While doing some research, I found a place that I was interested in, and it seems there is a roadside station called “Suika no Sato Ueki (Watermelon Village Ueki)” in Ueki Town, which is famous for producing the best watermelons in Japan🎵

I’m curious about this one〜! I hope we can stop by for our show〜☆
They sell the best watermelons in Japan and many other extravagant and interesting products made from watermelons! Let me introduce some of them!

🍉Watermelon Baumkuchen🍉


This baumkuchen is made with plenty of watermelon juice.
It’s moist and fluffy〜It has full of sweetness and looks delicious!❤️

🍉Farmer’s Cider🍉


I’ve had this before! The watermelon juice is refreshing with soda and has a clean aftertaste😋
Chilled watermelon soda is the best drink in a hot summer🎵

🍉Watermelon Skin Gel🍉


What is this…? This is actually a skin gel which contains watermelon fruit extract!!
It stretches well and blends easily into the skin, moisturizing and resilient!
I want to use it…

Suika no Sato Ueki” has such interesting products.
Let’s check it out in the future!

Please visit the website of Suika no Sato Ueki for more information.

I felt that there is a lot of knowledge and places I don’t know about in Kumamoto.
From now on, I’m going to tell you all about the charm of Kumamoto through my blog, and I’m going to learn more about it too!

Did you enjoy today’s blog? I hope this is something you all enjoy!❤️
I hope to see you all again next time on the blog🌈

See you next👋 by MARINA!

にほんブログ村 地域生活(街) 九州ブログ 熊本県情報へ

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