MARINA’s Kumamoto Ekiben Selection!?

にほんブログ村 地域生活(街) 九州ブログ 熊本県情報へ

Hello💫This is MARINA, a singer from Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture. Here’s the start of this weekly blog 🎵I’m still worried about the heavy rains in western Japan, but I hope my blog will cheer you up a bit!

The theme of today’s blog, which I think some of you may be looking forward to because of the title, is “Ekiben”! I can’t help but look forward to it too 😁 I love to eat so much that I’m known as the “General Gourmand”! (LOL) I’d like to introduce Kumamoto ekibens that I’m interested in. This theme was actually a request from one of my blog readers💓Thank you very much! I’m going to start off in high spirits 🎵.

So! I’d like to introduce a popular ekiben in Kumamoto that MARINA is curious about right away! MARINA’s Ekiben Selection, entry number one !!!

『Aso Red beef』!!!!!!

Referring from Yorito Store’s website.

Aso’s red beef is famous for its lean meat with little fat as its name suggests, and it also contains the right amount of fat. They say it’s a luxurious red beef bento with two flavors to enjoy the red beef 🎵aahhhhh, it looks so delicious. It’s very colorful and very appetizing! Meat lovers will love these ekiben!

And next, the entry number 2!

A bento shop you’ll often see when you stop in Kumamoto! Hilai’s “Higo Dokoza”!

This is a reference from Higo Yokamon Market.

When I thought of Hirai-san, I had a strong image of udon noodles and side dishes, so I was surprised to see that they were selling ekiben!
As you can see from the pictures, they are packed with Kumamoto’s specialties! Kumamoto’s speciality “spicy lotus root”, “Chikuwa salad”, “Ikinari-dango”, “pickled Aso takana”, “boiled suizenji greens”, “Amakusa konoshiro gizzard”! It’s a luxurious bento made with ingredients from Kumamoto 🎵
This is the dish I want people who don’t know Kumamoto to try and feel! I think I’m getting to know Kumamoto just by eating this bento ⭐️
But between you and me, I can’t tell you this…(MARINA doesn’t like spicy lotus root 😅 lol) I’m a big fan of takana 💓Do you drool even more? I’ll introduce you to more!

Next, the entry number 3!

『Amakusa Daioh Bento』!!!!!

Reference from Yorifuji Store.

Speaking of Amakusa, don’t forget Amakusa Daioh!
This is a rare species of chicken that is only bred in Amakusa, Kumamoto 🐓!
There has been an Amakusa Daioh since the Meiji era (1868-1912) and it was said to have been extinct for a while, but it has been revived and its valuable Amakusa Daioh has been made into an ekiben!
The breast is flavored with spicy salt sauce. The chopped meat is stir-fried with burdock and soy sauce, which is a perfect match for it💓
What do you think? I’m sure you all want to try it too, right?🎵

And more, the entry number 4!!

『chestnut rice』!!!!!

This is a reference from Ekiben Information.

The colors are beautiful and the chestnut-shaped container is so cute.
All of the ekiben I’ve introduced so far are available at the Kumamoto station, but this chestnut rice is a bento sold at the Hitoyoshi station in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto!
In addition, many people seem to eat it while riding the Steam Locomotive, and it seems to be a rare ekiben that is sold at Hitoyoshi Station in the old-fashioned style.

It is said that the soil and in Hitoyoshi Kuma region is acidic and the climate is suitable for chestnut cultivation, which makes it possible to produce large, sweet and tasty chestnuts. That’s why this ekiben is produced🌰 “Kurimeshi (chestnut rice)” is available at Ekiben Yamaguchi in Hitoyoshi Station.

I put it on our list of things to eat in Kumamoto. It’s going to be popular with women and older folks! I can’t wait to eat it 💓

The next is the last one. The entry number 5!!!

『Ayuya Sandai』!!!!!

This is a reference from Ekiben Information.

A whole ayu fish! 💓!


In fact, all of these ekiben from Yorifuji Store are nominated! Aso red beef, Amakusa Daioh bento, and Ayuya Sandai are all products made by Yorifuji Store.

There are a lot of ayu in Kuma River and there are many good places to fish them!
A whole ayu fish grown in the Kuma River is sweetened boiled. It’s really delicious 😋!

It’s slow-cooked so that you can eat the bones, which is also great!
The rice underneath the ayu is also cooked in ayu broth. So rice alone is enough for you to eat 🌟
They’re cooked to be eaten from head to tail without leaving any part, and I hope you’ll eat them!
And since it’s been ranked number one in Kyushu’s Ekiben Ranking for consecutive years, it’s a nominee on my list of things to watch out for!

I hope you all enjoyed the introduction of the ekiben. 😋
I feel like I was enjoying myself writing this 😁.
There are many ekiben that look delicious all over Japan, and I was reminded once again of the depth of ekiben in Kumamoto alone. Have you eaten any Kumamoto ekiben that you liked? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

I’m still worried about the weather, but I’ll do my best to get to Kumamoto for the show and show the charm of the place through the images. We’ve reached our 10 goal for the crowdfunding challenge, thanks to a lot of people. Please support us until the end of the remaining three days to make the show even better! Thank you for joining us today for another MARINA blog 💓 See you next time!

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