MARINA’s Kumamoto Dialect Lesson!

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Hello, everyone! Thank you for reading this blog.

I’m Marina, a dance and singing performer from Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto!
The rainy season has already begun in Tokyo. It’s been humid these days but how have you been?😆✨ Bad weather may make you down but I will make you smile with this blog!
So, today’s theme is Very Easy! MARINA’s Kumamoto Dialect Lesson! 🐻❤️

This is actually MARINA’s way of teaching, so go easy on me, please!

Let’s start~🎵 Now, the first Kumamoto dialect is…⭐️


【You (Standard Japanese: ANATA)】
in Kumamoto Dialect : "Aata" or "Ata".

If you say “Where do you come from?” in Standard Japanese, it will be “Anata wa doko kara kita no?”. However, in Kumamoto dialect, it becomes “Ata, doko kara kitato ne?“. People in Kumamoto say this phrase softly.



【It cannot be helped.(Standard Japanese: Shikata-nai / Doushiyou-mo-nai)】
in Kumamoto Dialect: "Shon-nashi" or "Shon-naka-gota".

Standard Japanese: “Doko wo sagashite mo nakatta kara shikata-nai ne.” (Even though you searched everywhere, you couldn’t find it. So it cannot be helped.)

Kumamoto Dialect: “Doko sagashitemo nakaddaken, shon-naka tai ne!“.
You may easily give up your lost item if you say like this in Kumamoto dialect ….or maybe not. LOL.


You may like next one❤️

【To like, to love (Standard Japanese: SUKI)】
in Kumamoto Dialect: "Suitoru", "Suitoru-bai", or "Sukitsu-tai".

Standard Japanese “Anata no koto ga suki!” (I love you!) will be “Aata no koto suitoru-bai!” in Kumamoto dialect♡. Hakata (Fukuoka Prefecture) dialect “Suki-yaken” or “Suki-bai” are also commonly used in Kumamoto. However, “Suki” is slightly different in each Prefectures in Kyushu Region. “Suitoru” is the Kumamoto dialect of “Suki” 😉✨


How was the lesson? I would be glad if you want to learn more about it. I hope you will deeply interested in Kumamoto!

Your comments are also appreciated⭐︎
Let’s liven up Kumamoto together!!!!! Ohhhh!!
See you next blog💕


にほんブログ村 地域生活(街) 九州ブログ 熊本県情報へ

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