Hight: 5.5 (170cm), Blood Type: A
Birth Place: Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Pref, JAPAN
Special Skills: Singing, Sports

Marina’s grandmother forced her to join a choir when she was a child and then she loved it. That experience triggered her enthusiasm for learning chorus or musical. And she wanted to be a singer.

While she was a high school student, she had taught herself how to sing and won a singing competition of a music college. After her high school, she moved into Tokyo. She tried lots of auditions and finally debuted as a member of a dance and vocal group, in 2016.

She has performed at many stages, like a big music festival “a-nation” hosted by Japan’s music label giant, “avex”, or an event in S.Korea, TV shows and so on. And the group released their CD from a major music label “mars entertainment”. MARINA herself has started to show her performance on LINE LIVE, a Japanese video-sharing social networking service owned by LINE, and won The LINE LIVE OF THE YEAR 2016 Award.

The group has been inactive since February 2020. And then she ended a contract with her entertainment agency and started her solo music activity in April, 2020. From here on, she would like to focus on her solo activity especially in her hometown Kumamoto.